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Right to a Doctor / Independent Medical Exam

In Pennsylvania, an employer or its insurance company can request to have an injured employee undergo an independent medical examination (IME). Despite its name, this process is anything but independent. Rather, this is a doctor who has been chosen by the worker’s employer or the employer’s insurance company.

Employers have the right to require any injured workers to receive medical treatment from an approved company doctor for the first 90 days, and the employer can demand an IME up to once every six months. The employer or its insurance company will pay all costs associated with visits to these doctors.

The doctor will give a report of his or her examination to the employer or its insurance company. If the doctor’s opinion provides any reason for the employer or insurance company to deny or limit benefits, then the worker will be able to see the results of the examination.

Unfortunately, the doctors selected by employers or insurance companies have a tendency to tell workers that they are able to return to work even when their injuries have not fully healed. If an injured worker disagrees with this assessment and refuses to return to work, he or she risks having his or her workers’ compensation benefits terminated, modified, or suspended.

If you sustained serious injuries on the job, it is in your best interest to immediately seek the help of the experienced Chester County workplace injury lawyers at Ciccarelli Law Offices. Before you agree to submit to any IME, our firm can help you know your rights and prepare for the process. We represent clients on a contingency fee basis so you do not need to worry about paying us anything unless we get you compensation.

Our workplace injury attorneys work as a team to help clients fully prepare for IMEs, and we will make sure that you know what details that you should be sure to mention during your examination. We can also prepare you for the questions you will be asked as well as the best ways to respond to these questions—or if you should respond at all.

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