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Spinal Cord Injuries

Any type of injury to a person’s spinal cord can cause a lifetime of intense pain. The most serious kinds of these injuries can result in paraplegia, but even lesser injuries can still lead to chronic pain and suffering for victims. The spinal cord is a long, thin structure of nervous tissue and support cells that is divided into the four following regions:

  • Cervical Vertebrae — The eight vertebrae in the highest area of the spinal cord right below the skull
  • Thoracic Vertebrae — The 12 vertebrae in the middle of the spinal cord from the upper to the middle of a person’s back
  • Lumbar Vertebrae — The five vertebrae in the lower area of the spinal cord between the rib cage and the pelvis
  • Sacral Vertebrae — The five vertebrae at the base of the spinal cord in a person’s sacrum located in the back part of the pelvis

Any kind of injury to a person’s spinal cord will forever change his or her life. The victim will usually require extensive and expensive medical care and rehabilitative treatment, and he or she is also unable to work in order to pay these significant expenses. Some people require full-time assistance with everyday needs, and many accident victims can be forced to declare bankruptcy because of an inability to pay their bills.

An employer, property owner, or product manufacturer are examples of types of parties that can be considered negligent if their unsafe actions, environments, or products cause a person to suffer an injury to his or her spinal cord. The negligence of any one of such parties can make them liable to an accident victim for the harm he or she suffered, and the injured person may be able to obtain damages by filing a lawsuit.

If you or your loved one sustained a spinal cord injury, you should be aware that the insurance company for the negligent party has the goal of making sure that you are paid as little as possible to resolve your claim. Initially, you could be offered a settlement that may seem sizeable but, in fact, is rarely enough to cover all of your future lost wages and medical bills. Attorneys for the insurance company will also be conducting their own investigation to help argue that you somehow contributed to or even caused your own injury.

You do not have to handle these claims by yourself, and the Chester County spinal cord injury lawyers at Ciccarelli Law Offices work as a team to help accident victims throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania get all of the compensation they are entitled to. We provide legal services on a contingency fee basis, so you owe our firm nothing unless we get you a monetary award.

You can schedule a free consultation that will let our spinal cord injury attorneys review your case by calling (610) 719-3190 today.  We have locations in and around West Chester, including Plymouth Square, Lancaster, Malvern, Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Radnor, and Kennett Square.