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Surgical Mistakes

Every surgery carries certain risks, which is why many people can be extremely nervous about undergoing even the most routine procedures. In some cases, the fears turn out to have been justified when people sustain highly serious injuries because of mistakes made during surgery that may include, but are not limited to:

  • Anesthesia Mistakes
  • Operating on Wrong Organ, Body Part, or Patient
  • Leaving Surgical Instruments Inside Body
  • Improperly Used Surgical Instruments
  • Injury to Other Organs
  • Failure to Treat Postoperative Infections or Complications

Victims of surgical errors may suffer catastrophic injuries that require additional surgeries that are even more costly than the original procedure. In some cases, mistakes may cause brain damage, nerve damage, blood clots, or paralysis. Significant errors can also result in death.

The surgeons and medical professionals who perform these procedures are expected to meet a standard of care that is owed to patients. This typically involves extreme caution and quality control measures for every surgical process. Failures to meet medical standards can constitute negligence and make the doctors, surgeons, or hospitals liable for the harm these mistakes cause for victims.

If you sustained severe injuries or your loved one died because of a mistake made during a surgical procedure, you have a very limited window of time to file a medical malpractice claim against the negligent party. These types of cases are very complex and the medical professionals or hospitals that are being sued will usually have insurance companies finding any way possible to drag out the proceedings. In most cases, they will deny any wrongdoing or claim that they are protected by patients having signed agreements stating they were aware of the risks.

The West Chester surgical mistake lawyers at Ciccarelli Law Offices understand how stressful and confusing these types of claims can be for victims and their families. Our firm has decades of experience investigating and pursuing medical malpractice cases, and we represent clients on a contingency fee basis so there is fee for our legal services unless we recover monetary awards for the people we serve.

Our surgical mistake attorneys work as a team, and we will review your case during a free consultation when you call (610) 719-3190 today. Ciccarelli Law Offices helps peoples from numerous areas in Chester County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia County, Lancaster County, and Delaware County.