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Prescription Errors

Many people rely on their doctors and physicians to inform them of the prescription drugs that will best help manage or improve their medical conditions. If a medical professional makes any sort of mistake in prescribing or administering a medication, it may have profound consequences for the patient. Some of the most common errors include, but are not limited to:

  • Drugs Given to Wrong Patient
  • Failure to Account for Drug Allergies
  • Failure to Warn About Contraindications (Dangerous Interactions With Other Drugs)
  • Illegible Handwriting for Prescription
  • Improper Drug Use Directions
  • Improper Medication Dosage
  • Incorrect Medication Prescribed
  • Labeling Errors

If a patient takes the wrong drug or the incorrect amount of a medication, he or she could suffer highly serious injuries such as heart attacks, internal organ damage, or severe neurological or sensory damage. In some cases, patients could overdose and go into a coma. Other people may die if because of medication errors.

Doctors, physicians, and pharmacists all have an obligation to avoid potential harm in issuing prescription drugs. When the wrong medication or an unsafe amount of a prescription drug is given to a patient, this can make these parties negligent for failing to perform their duties in accordance with the standard of care expected of them. Depending on whether the error was made by a pharmacist, doctor, or physician, the party at fault can be liable to the patient for all the harm he or she suffered as a result.

In these types of cases, the negligent parties will often rely on teams of lawyers for insurance companies to absolve them of wrongdoing. A patient may be accused of causing his or her own injuries by not following directions. In some cases, the insurance company could be quick to offer victims or their families a settlement, although the amount is usually far less than what they are entitled to.

The West Chester prescription error lawyers at Ciccarelli Law Offices aggressively pursue all of the compensation that medical malpractice victims need and deserve. We provide legal services on a contingency fee basis so our clients only pay us a fee if we get them a monetary award, and our prescription error attorneys fully investigate these claims so every negligent party is held accountable.

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