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Negligent Child Supervision

Whether they are relatives or paid employees, the adults who are entrusted to supervise someone’s children are expected to properly pay attention to young ones and prevent them from doing anything that might result in physical harm. Unfortunately, several kids are hurt or killed because of failure to fulfill this obligation. Some examples of this type of negligence include, but are not limited to:

  • Access to Dangerous Weapons
  • Child Disappearances
  • Daycare Injuries
  • Ingestion of Dangerous Drugs or Chemical Substances
  • Traffic Accidents
  • Vandalism or Fires

Children who are not supervised properly can suffer broken bones or burn injuries, but they may also sustain serious head, brain, or spinal cord injuries that result in significant medical bills and many years of rehabilitation. Some of the most unfortunate cases involve possible kidnapping or fatal injuries.

Caregiver laziness or inattention that results in a child being hurt can be considered negligent. These supervisors and any schools, daycare providers, or other related businesses could be liable for the damages that resulted from their negligence. However, it is critical to understand that families in these types of cases only have a limited amount of time to file any type of legal claim.

If your child suffered severe injuries or was killed because of a caretaker’s failure to provide adequate care, you should contact the Chester County negligent child supervision lawyers at Ciccarelli Law Offices as soon as possible. Our firm helps families all over Southeastern Pennsylvania, and we represent clients on a contingency fee basis so you will not pay us one cent if we do not get you financial compensation.

Our negligent child supervision attorneys work as a team to thoroughly investigate these cases and hold all liable parties accountable. Call (610) 719-3190 right now to set up a free consultation that will allow us to review your case and discuss your legal options. Ciccarelli Law Offices serves communities throughout Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia County, and Lancaster County.