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Accidents at School

Parents send their children to grade schools, junior highs, and high schools under the assumption that keeping their kids in classes will protect them from the many harms of dropping out. However, these expectations of safety can be undone when a school or one of its employees fails to maintain an environment free from hazards. Some examples of accidents that occur at schools include, but are not limited to:

  • Bullying
  • Dangerous School Property
  • Failure to Maintain Playground Equipment
  • Physical or Sexual Abuse
  • School Bus Accidents

A child or teenager who is involved in a school accident could suffer serious head, neck, or back injuries. Incidents that are more severe or violent could possibly result in traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) or spinal cord injuries. Students could miss several months of classes and parents may be overwhelmed with medical bills.

A school has an obligation to take whatever steps are needed to keep its students safe. If a child or teenager is hurt because of the institution’s failure to correct a dangerous condition or the inappropriate conduct of an employee, the school can be considered negligent and would thus be liable to parents for the physical, emotional, and financial harm that was caused. Victims and their families in these cases may be able to file lawsuits against the negligent schools to recover damages.

Under Pennsylvania state law, public schools can be immune from liability in certain cases, and there may be limits to the amount that can be recovered in cases that are exceptions to that rule. School districts will have insurance companies with attorneys who are certain to seek any possible way to minimize any payments to victims.

If your child was injured or killed because of the negligence of a school or one of its employees, you should immediately contact the West Chester child injury lawyers at Ciccarelli Law Offices. We will work as a team to identify all possible negligent parties in your case and pursue every dollar of compensation that is available, and you would not pay us anything if we do not get you a monetary award because our firm represents clients on a contingency fee basis.

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