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Vehicle Rollover Accidents

A rollover crash involves a motor vehicle flipping over onto its side or roof. These types of accidents can result in catastrophic injuries and fatalities for occupants of the vehicles. There can be many different causes of rollover crashes, and parties that could be liable for a person’s injuries may include:

  • Driver of the vehicle that rolled over
  • Driver of another automobile that caused accident
  • Manufacturers, distributors, or retailers of defective vehicles or parts
  • State or local governments that failed to maintain unsafe roadways

When a motor vehicle rolls over onto its side or roof, the people inside could be killed or suffer devastating injuries such as amputations, burn injuries, or severe head, neck, or spinal cord injuries. Pennsylvania victims will frequently face substantial medical bills, lost wages, and reduced or lost earning capacity.

The party that is liable for damages in these cases depends on whom or what caused the accident. If a rollover is an isolated single-vehicle crash, then the driver could be considered negligent in causing the injuries of his or her passengers. If an automobile rolled over because of another driver’s negligence, then that motorist could be liable for damages. In certain cases, a vehicle may have rolled over because of poorly designed parts or unmarked hazards on highways.

Some people may be reluctant to take any legal action against friends or family members who were driving motor vehicles that rolled over, but it is important to understand that it will be that person’s insurance company that is responsible for paying damages. Any insurance company is going to be reluctant to issue compensation to resolve any personal injury claim. Furthermore, insurance adjusters will attempt to get victims to make recorded statements that can be used later on to call the severity of injuries into question as part of attempting to pay a lesser amount.

Vehicle Roll Over Attorney in West Chester, PA

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