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Types of Collisions           

There may several different kinds of motor vehicle accidents. Certain types of crashes may be more likely to result in fatalities than others, but most automobile collisions can easily cause serious injuries for drivers and their passengers. Some of the most common kinds of accidents include:

All of these types of crashes may have different causes, and people can suffer any one of a number of catastrophic injuries. Depending on the specific kind of accident, the number of vehicles that were involved, and the force involved at the moment of impact, victims can sustain severe head, neck, or back injuries which require several months or years of rehabilitation. Some people are never able to regain the physical abilities they once had.

A driver who acts irresponsibly on the road, either by driving aggressively, recklessly, or committing some other violation of Pennsylvania law that causes a crash may be held liable for the damages that result. In most cases, the negligent driver’s insurance company will have to pay the personal injury claims of all victims who suffered physical and financial harm in an accident.

The job of insurance adjusters is to pay as little as possible to resolve these claims. This means that they may pressure victims to accept settlements that are far less than what they are actually entitled to. Insurance companies may also use their own investigations to argue that another driver was at fault in the accident. In some cases, they may argue that injuries are not as severe as victims claim, some people’s actions contributed to them sustaining injuries, or certain conditions were pre-existing.

Whether you suffered serious injuries or your loved one was killed in any kind of motor vehicle crash, you will want to be sure to get the help of the West Chester auto accident attorneys at Ciccarelli Law Offices. Our firm handles these cases on a contingency fee basis so the people we fight for do not have to worry about paying any type of legal fee unless we get them compensation.

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