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Truck Accidents Caused by Brake Failure

When compared to traditional passenger vehicles, the enormous size differential of commercial trucks makes it imperative that they are able to come to complete stops at all times. Any type of problem with brakes on a tractor trailer can cause a devastating crash that results in catastrophic or possibly fatal injuries. Some of the common ways in which brakes can fail include, but are not limited to:

  • Air Brake Failure
  • Antilock Brake System (ABS) Issues
  • Brakes Out Of Adjustment
  • Condensation Issues
  • Corrosion
  • Cracked Brake Lines
  • Drum or Rotor Issues
  • Improperly Maintained Brakes
  • Leaking Fluid
  • Manufacturer Defect
  • Overheated Brakes
  • Worn Pads or Tires

When an 18 wheeler is unable to stop because of a problem with brakes, the drivers and passengers of smaller vehicles may sustain serious injuries with numerous immediate and long-term consequences. In addition to outrageous medical expenses, accident victims can also be unable to return to work and support themselves and their families.

There are numerous parties that may bear some level of responsibility for making sure that a semi truck’s brakes are working properly in Pennsylvania. Truck drivers, companies loading cargo into trailers, and the parties that manufacture brakes as well as those who maintain them all have a duty to review brakes and correct any possible issues that could endanger other motorists. When any one of these parties fails in their obligations to identify possible safety issues, they may be liable for injuries that result when brakes do not work properly.

As soon as a commercial truck is involved in an accident, the company that owns the vehicle will immediately dispatch lawyers and insurance representatives to get any victims to sign misleading agreements. While these agents might offer settlements that initially seem lucrative, they usually come with a condition that prevents the victims from taking any legal action later on. Furthermore, the settlements are usually for amounts that are far less than what the victim will need for his or her future medical bills, lost wages, and other financial harm.

For this reason, it is absolutely essential that you contact an experienced West Chester brake failure lawyer at Ciccarelli Law Offices. Our firm utilizes a team approach in fighting the insurance companies that represent these trucking firms. We also represent clients on a contingency fee basis, so do not owe us anything unless we recover a financial award.

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